Just a Wink and a Smile…

This started out as a test run of a new game setting and system that had just come out, but has evolved into so much more. There is nothing you can think of that is too big or too ridiculous to work in Numenera, and I’m doing my best to take full advantage of that fact. We’re nominally still playing the Devil’s Spine published adventure, but have gotten rather delightfully sidetracked.

We’ve run into a pure energy being guarding some unspeakable evil, a suspiciously well-connected benefactor, several interesting methods of travel, a giant purple worm with a surgery fetish, three of the universe’s primordial guardians (supposedly), an intelligent virus, and a civilization of talking caterpillars, and I still feel like we’ve just gotten started.

Devil's Spine

zamarren Maze Dasra_Kitava Helstrom